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Stewardship: It's All about Care and More

The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area was created by the hard work of local citizens who cared.  An impressed Congress relented to their demand for a national park in 1978, with the understanding that the public would always be a full participant in the management of the park.  The Santa Monica Mountains Fund is part of that promise kept.  All of us have a role as park caretakers on behalf of the American people.  Today, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is the largest urban national park in the United States, but one-third to a half of it is and always will be in private hands, Our Hands.

Stewards are people who, more than just care, they ACT. We believe in the Power of One, and urge you to join us in the protection of the mountains, waters and shoreline of the Santa Monicas. Consider the possibilities. . . .