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Since 1996, the National Park Service has studied the bobcat population in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding communities to understand the impact of urban development on the species.  Historically, bobcats have thrived in this area, but scientists have witnessed a dramatic decline in their population since 2002. Local bobcats are dying due to mange infection, a disease which is typically non-lethal in wild cats. Most tested animals also had large quantities of toxins found in rodent poison in their bodies. Studies show that bobcats exposed to anticoagulant rat poisons are more than five times more likely to die of mange.

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund works to protect bobcats by funding bobcat studies and raising awareness of the harmful effects of rodent poisons on bobcats. Learn more about Santa Monica Mountains bobcats and the threats they face by visiting Urban Carnivores.

You Can Help

Prevent the poisoning of bobcats and other mountain wildlife – avoid using rodent poisons that contain anticoagulants. Learn about alternative methods and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

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