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Our Work

Protecting & Preserving the Santa Monica Mountains

There is a great deal of important work that goes on every day in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The Santa Monica Mountains Fund provides an opportunity for the public to get involved by contributing to programs that protect California’s mountains. We work in close partnership with the National and State park agencies that operate within the Santa Monica Mountains, and also sponsor scientific research and student internships that contribute to our projects’ success.

We are happy to share some of the Santa Monica Mountains Fund’s particularly interesting programs with you here, including: wildlife preservation, mountain lion protection, numerous educational programs and myriad hiking and biking opportunities. These programs inspire us in what we do. Perhaps they will inspire you as well.

Mountain Lion

Wildlife Protection

Learn how we protect plant and animal species in the mountains, including: mountain lions, bobcats, steelhead trout, frogs, hawks and other birds species, and more.

Kids on the Grotto Hike

Getting Kids Outdoors

We are committed to ensuring the next generation is given the best opportunity to connect with nature, through education, kid friendly hikes and a variety of outdoor activities.

NPS staff at work

From Trails to Movie Sets

The vision for the Santa Monica Mountains is not yet complete.  Learn what we are doing to help preserve California’s mountains in and around the greater Los Angeles area.