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How to Manage Rodent Problems Without Poison

Want to help stop this problem?  You can: first,  join others and Take the Pledge to not use rodenticides around your home and property; then, learn about more effective ways to manage rodent problems and live poison-free; encourage others to follow your lead; finally, donate if you can and help us support the study and conservation of wildlife in and around the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.


  • Seal up entry points into the house, attic, garage, and crawl spaces. Use 1/4 inch wire, steel wool, foam, weather stripping, and metal sheeting to close up holes.
  • Trim or remove thick vegetation where rodents nest.
  • Limit attractants such as pet food left outdoors, bird feeders, easily accessible fruit trees, and trash that is not properly sealed.
  • Share information with others about how rodent poisons can kill our local wildlife and our pets, as poisons move through the food chain. 
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