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Meet the Fund’s student volunteer, Nicole

What do you get when you cross a communications student with a passion for conservation?

National Park Service Truck Hits Streets of L.A.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Zach Behrens (NPS), 805-370-2385 Charlotte Parry (Fund), 805-370-2345 National Park Service Truck Hits Streets of L.A. As the National Park Service nears its 100th birthday, L.A.’s local national park unit has launched a LA… Read More

Attend Our May 22 Fundraiser

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, the Santa Monica Mountains Fund will host a Board Fundraiser on Sunday, May 22 at the Anthony C. Beilenson Interagency Visitor Center, King Gillette Ranch. You’re invited to join us and former Congressman Beilenson himself, the “father” of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, for this event.