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SAMO Fund Receives Multiple Grants for Education and Conservation Efforts

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund (SMMF) has recently received generous grants from REI, the John Logan Foundation, and the National Park Foundation. Thank you to all these organizations for supporting our mission to help the National Park Service… Read More

Four New Kittens in the Santa Monica Mountains

Discovered recently in early September was a new litter of mountain lion kittens, the sixteenth litter of kittens marked by National Park Service biologists at a den site. The now 2 month old kittens, two males and two… Read More

Spring Celebration Success!

We were delighted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the Fund’s 30th birthday on Sunday June 3rd.

Remembering Hal Helsley

Hal Helsley, who recently passed away, was a longtime resident of the Santa Monica Mountains who worked for decades to preserve its biological resources, scenic beauty, and rural lifestyle.

Santa Monica Mountains Fund to celebrate 40th anniversary of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Thousand Oaks, May 8, 2018: Since its inception in 1978, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has provided a source of natural solace and beauty in our urbanized world.  To celebrate this unique area of public land,… Read More