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Woolsey Fire Destroys Wildlife-Tracking Cameras

The National Park Service biologists rely on the remote cameras on trails and throughout the mountains to monitor wildlife.  Sadly, the Woolsey Fire burned 49 of these cameras.  The photographs on the banner and below were taken by one of these remote cameras during the fire, as the one placed opposite on the other side of the same trail, burned.


These cameras have captured great shots of our local mountain lions, bobcats, and other wildlife. Below are some clear older photos taken by some of the remote cameras in the park. Dr. Seth Riley, ecologist with the National Park Service, asks, “What happens when a huge wildlife refuge hemmed in by freeways and development abruptly loses more than half of its habitat to wildfire?” The remote trail cameras can help answer his question. Replacing these cameras is crucial to the NPS biologists as they will carry out monitoring to see which wildlife return to the burn areas, and when.


Luckily, we were the chosen non-profit of the Big Cat Rescue in Florida, receiving $3,000 through fundraising. This money will help go towards more cameras, but will not cover the cost of replacing all that were lost. To help us buy new cameras to replace those lost in the fire, please go to: and select “Wildlife”.

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