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The Paramount Project

In November 2018, the Woolsey Fire ripped through the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area with appalling devastation. One of the sites destroyed was the Hollywood-famous Western Town at Paramount Ranch. This iconic site was the backdrop of movies and TV shows such as scenes from Gunfight at the OK Corral, CBS’s Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and most recently HBO’s Westworld.

The site told the history of movie-making in the Santa Monica Mountains and continued to host film shoots until it was destroyed by fire.  We are determined that this heritage is not lost and the site remains an active film location into the future.

So, this is where we start the re-building process. Donate HERE (this green link will take you to a dedicated donation page) to help ensure movies will still be made at Paramount Ranch long into the future.

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  5. Our grandparents and father built this western town and our father helped to restore it in 1980. My brother Brad and I are committed to keeping the Hertz Family’s continuity in rebuilding this project and will offer our resources towards this effort.

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