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Month: November 2018

Woolsey Fire Destroys Wildlife-Tracking Cameras

49 wildlife-tracking cameras, used to capture some fan-favorite photos of our mountain lions and bobcats, were destroyed in the Woolsey Fire. Click here to learn more.


It’s #GivingTuesday! Help us continue with our work to help the park as it re-builds.

New York Times Author Hits Home in Opinion Piece

Opinion writer Timothy Egan captured the essence of what we, National Parks lovers (especially those of the Santa Monica Mountains), are facing in the future following the devastating Woolsey Fire.  The link for the article can be found… Read More


National Park Firefighters as far away as Indiana Dune National Lakeshore (pictured here) came to Southern California to fight the Woolsey Fire. Our thanks to all of them, with a special thanks to the “sister NPS units” that sent aid. Look close and you may be able to make out a city skyline cresting the waves of Lake Michigan. Any idea what city it is?

How are the Mountains?

Devastated by the Woolsey fire, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area is now assessing the damage so that the planning process for re-building and restoration can begin.  

The Paramount Project

The Paramount Project is the fundraising campaign to support the re-build of Paramount Ranch recently destroyed in the Woolsey Fire. Click HERE for more information.