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Annual Appeal

Thank you for visiting our Annual Appeal page. If you were inspired to do so because you received our appeal letter we appreciate your consideration. Your contributions pickup where our tax dollars leave off in the ongoing effort to protect our national parks.  Here’s what it costs to meet some of the pressing needs for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area:

$25 pays for one new native plant on the Backbone Trail
$50 pays for five 4th graders to visit the mountains for a ranger-led program
$100 pays for three months satellite tracking of one wild animal
$300 pays for a laboratory health check for a wild animal
$500 pays for a bus to bring 50 kids to the park for a ranger-led program
$1500 pays for a satellite collar for a bobcat
$2500 will buy a satellite collar for a mountain lion and track it for a year

Please consider that the unrestricted donation form on this page allows us to be the most flexible in supporting the park as changing needs and requirements arise throughout the year.  At the same time, we will always honor your request to target your donation to one specific program area, which you can do by clicking the drop-down “Donate” tab from the menu at the very top of this page.

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  1. I am particularly interested in helping the Mountain Lions. I feel they are pretty much misunderstood with the ‘General Public’.

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