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Give a Gift That Shows You Care!

Looking for the perfect way to remember someone or show  that you care?  Each year, many people come to this site or send donations through the mail, to make donations in tribute to a loved one or someone special in their life.  Although we have always provided a “Memorials & Honor Gifts” page on this website as a donation option, we are working to make it even easier to contribute on behalf of someone else.  Starting with this year’s Annual Appeal 2017, pressing the DONATE NOW button will present you with the option to dedicate your contribution as a gift, tribute or memorial to someone else.  One you say “YES,” a form will appear allowing you to add important information we need to help make your tribute perfect, including an eCard to notify the person or family you designate of the gift you made.

Because we give you a say in how your donation will be used, we maintain a number of restricted accounts exclusively used for park programs such as wildlife research, trails, education programs for youth, and habitat restoration. Over the next several weeks, we’ll convert all our restricted donation options so that you have a choice; enabling you to better match your gift to the intended recipient.  In addition to being fully deductible, consider . . . your gift will be a lasting gift, as well as one that shows you care!

One Comment on “Give a Gift That Shows You Care!

  1. Thank you for all your work to save and protect our beautiful mountain lions! Long live P-22! I can’t wait to see that wildlife corridor built!

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