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Kids Do Art in the Park

For the last few years, the Santa Monica Mountains Fund has supported the National Park Service on its Artist in Residence program. The program connects youth, usually from city centers and gateway communities, to the natural and cultural resources of the park. This program is an amazing opportunity for kids to get connected to nature and the National Recreation Area through art, who otherwise might not be able to do so.  The 2017 artists supported 58 youth who worked on their creations for a total of 3,206 hours! Art works they produced included multimedia, sculpture and printing on fabric.


This year, we are looking for three artists from diverse artistic disciplines to work on the 2018 program. The artists meet with the kids for around 24 hours of studio time as well as three full-day trips into nature. Exposure to the outdoors and the mountains’ beautiful landscapes are intended to act as inspirations for the young peoples’ creativity.  The artwork will be displayed at the Peter Strauss Ranch annual art exhibit that runs from May to September 2018. 


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