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Lush Donates $23,000

We love Lush Cosmetics! Due to their support and generous donation of $23,000, we are able to buy new cameras to track wildlife in Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Mountains. Around 40 new cameras will be added along the Los Angeles River, expanding research carried-out by the National Park Service. Wildlife cameras allow researchers to study wildlife without direct interaction or physical contact. By capturing images of local deer, coyotes and other animals, we can gain a better understanding of how these animals co-habit in Los Angeles.

According to the National Park Service, “wildlife viewing cameras… are an effective tool for investigating wildlife behavior, and documenting species presence and distribution. Wildlife cameras are also an efficient and cost-effective way to supplement or replace human observers.” Once the new cameras arrive, they will be set up along the trail parallel to the Los Angeles River.






We also had the great pleasure of being hosted by the Lush Cosmetics stores in Thousand Oaks on Saturday, August 5th. We had so much fun meeting customers and talking about the mission behind the Santa Monica Mountains Fund. We were even able to bring one of the actual cameras used to track wildlife as well as a satellite tracking collar worn by coyotes!









Want to support? Go buy your Lush Charity Pot today to help support the Santa Monica Mountains Fund and other charities!

To read more about wildlife monitoring and wildlife viewing camera systems, visit:

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