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Highway Wildlife Crossings

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Connecting Open Space

Habitat fragmentation is an ongoing concern for the plant and animal species of the Santa Monica Mountains. Human development hinders the ability of species to move between natural areas and obtain the resources needed to survive. It is critical that wildlife corridors are established and maintained between the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills, and the Santa Susana Mountains.The Fund works to raise awareness about connectivity and advocates for development of wildlife crossings for the highways that border or intersect the Santa Monica Mountains. In addition, it funds research that allows leaders to make fact-based decisions about this issue.

A Wildlife Crossing at Liberty Canyon

Liberty Canyon Map

Park wildlife scientists recommend the creation of a wildlife corridor to assist mountain lions, bobcats and other species in crossing Route 101. In the ten years that scientists have maintained records, only one lion has survived the highway crossing.

You Can Help

Your donation directly funds the work of park researchers developing the corridor plan and monitoring lion movement in the mountains. Donate and help save mountain lions today.

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  1. I am very excited about this project and as I am completing my Masters degree in Environmental Science Management and Policy I would love to receive updates on this project and the possibility of others in the future. I am also willing to volunteer if needed for the success of this project.
    Thank you
    Tina Erway

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